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Rules to write the papers

The volume of the article should be no more than 4-5 pages of typewritten text. The text of the article should be submitted in electronic version - in the Microsoft Word editor, in A4 format. Left margins: 2 cm; right, top, bottom: 2.5 cm. The text of the article is printed in single spacing, font Times New Roman, font size 11 pt; with 2 copies in print. At the end of each copy of the article there should be the authors' signature.

The article is accompanied by: a list of references, abstracts in Uzbek, Russian, English (3-4 lines). The title page should contain the UDC, initials and surname (or surnames) of the author (s), then the title of the article in capital letters. Under the list of literature indicate the institution or organization that submitted the article, and the date of its submission. Also on a separate page indicate information about authors, their contact numbers and e-mail addresses.

For each article submitted, there should be: an act of expertise; resolution of the laboratory (department) seminar or of organization where the author works. An official covering letter of the head of the organization to the editor-in-chief, Academician T.R. Rashidov, which indicates possible options for funding the article, is also necessary.

The presented article undergoes preliminary expertise. Regardless of the result of the expertise, the article is not returned to the author. The decision to publish an article in the journal is made by the editor in chief and the members of editorial board on the specialization of the article presented. The editor’s request to revise the article in accordance with the comments of the reviewer does not mean that the article has been accepted for publication. After revision, the article is once again reviewed by editorial board. After revision, the author (s) attaches a letter to the revised text of the article, which gives detailed answers to the comments and questions raised in the review, and comments on all corrections made to the revised text of the manuscript. After acceptance for publication, the article is edited by a scientific editor.


References to published papers are indicated in square brackets in the order of citation. The list of references is given at the end of the paper in accordance with standards (examples are given below).

1. Lyakhov G.M. Waves in Soils and Porous Multicomponent Media. Moscow: Nauka, 1982. – 286p.

2. Sagdiev Kh.S., Saidy S.A., Teshaboev Z.R., Fasakhov V.G. Engineering Analysis of the Consequences of the Earthquake 20.07.2011. // Problems of Mechanics. 2011. № 2. P. 8 - 13.

3. Ashrabov A.A. To the Study of Contact Interactions in the Cracks of Reinforced Concrete Elements // Trans. of RAASN. Moscow, 2009. P. 89 - 94.