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Scientific grants carried out within the framework of the State Scientific-Technical Programs

Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan Scientific grants carried out within the framework of the State Scientific-Technical Programs

Names of scientific-technical grants and innovation developments, heads of grants
  Fundamental grants (years of realization 2017-2020)
1 FA-F-4-006 "Seismodynamics of plane and spatially located underground pipeline systems at an arbitrary angle of the effect attack", Academician of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan Rashidov Tursunbai Rashidovich
2 FA-F-4-003 "Development of the theory of strength and seismic resistance of structurally unstable soil medium under strain and wetting", DSc. Khusanov Bakhtiyar Ergashbayevich
3 FA-F-4-004 "Experimental and theoretical study of the elastoplastic strain in structural material under complex deformation processes", DSc. Abirov Rustam Abdullaevich
4 FA-F-4-007 "Development of Dynamic Spatial Models of Buildings and Structures Based on the Bimoment Theory of Plates", DSc. Usarov Makhamatali Koraboevich
5 BV-M-F4-001 "Study of the problems of hydrodynamics and mechanical engineering on the basis of mathematical modeling and the development of new methods of solution", DSc. Bakhadirov Gayrat Atakhanovich
6 BF-1-023 "Study of the technological process of vertical-spindle cotton harvesting machines for the development of the technology of one-time picking of cotton in a short time and without loss in the area of risky agriculture", DSc., prof. Rizayev Anvar Abdullaevich
  Applied grants (years of realization 2018-2020)
7 FA-Ateh-2018-67 "Evaluation of underground pipeline response to the effect of a set of real earthquake records and their implementation," Academician Rashidov Tursunbai Rashidovich
8 FA-Ateh-2018- (1+2) "Development of applied methods for calculating the strength of earth and underground structures based on the theory of waves", DSc, Prof. Sultanov Karim Sultanovich
9 FA-Ateh-2018- (23+65) "Assessment of seismic resistance of buildings of school and preschool institutions built in accordance with the requirements of the existing regulatory documents during their construction and the development of methods for calculating the seismic resistance taking into account spatial models and complex seismic protection", Cand.Tech.Sci., Senior Researcher Sagdiev Khamidulla Sagdievich
10 FA-Ateh-2018-24 "Development of applied methods for calculating the strength of structures with the presence of accumulated damage and the preparation of proposals for their strengthening", DSc. Abirov Rustam Abdullaevich
11 PZ-20170923238 "Development of recommendations for ensuring safe and reliable operation of earth dams in seismic regions", DSc, Professor Salyamova Klara Jabbarovna
12 MV-Ateh-2018-92+BV-Ateh-2018-13 "Development and refinement of operating parameters of a harvester with resource-saving working bodies (spindles, drums, etc.), pneumatic systems of a four-row machine" ("Development of a four-row semi-hinged vertical spindle cotton-picker with increased technical indices for row spacing of 60 cm (one-time cotton picking)"), DSc., prof. Rizayev Anvar Abdullaevich
13 MV-Ateh-2018-94 "Development of design parameters of a four-wheel universal-plouph tractor with increased stability for operating on desert lands", DSc. Khuzhaev Ismatilla Kushaevich
14 FA-Ateh-2018-252 "Development of a drive for a saw gin with a hulling camera with the modernization of the basic elements", DSc. Muhammadiev Davlat Mustafaevich
15 MV-Ateh-2018-242 "Development of design parameters on the stability of the portal high-clearance tractor, designed to operate in horticulture and viticulture", Ph.D. Annakulova Gulsara Kuchkarovna
16 FA-Ateh-2018-253 "Analysis and synthesis of a new promising differential transmission mechanism", Ph.D. Abdukarimov Abdusalom
17 FA-Ateh-2018-254 "Development of a multi-operation machine for mechanical processing of leather tannery", DSc, prof. Bakhadirov Gayrat Atakhanovich
18 FA-Ateh-2018-334 "Development of a wide-cut cotton cultivator with a universal frame", Ph.D. Khudaykuliev Rajabboy Ruzmatovich
19 FA-Ateh-2018-414 "Development of technology to reduce the energy consumption of hydrotransport of processing plants tailings ", Ph.D. Mirzoev Akmal Ahadovich
  Innovation ( years of realization 2018-2019)
20 FA-ITECH-2018-8 "Introduction of a separation line for the production of zinc powder", DSc. Malikov Zafar Mamatkulovich
  Grants for young scientists ( years of realization 2018-2019)
21 EFA-Atech-2018-11 "Evaluation of the influence of inertia force in seismic stability problems of underground pipelines", PhD., Senior Researcher Bekmirzaev Dierbek Abdugapporovich
22 EFA-Atech-2018-2 "Development of aspects of the theory of nonlinear strain in soils and rocks", Junior Researcher Loginov Pavel Viktorovich
  International grant Russia - Uzbekistan (years of realization 2018-2019)
23 MRU-FA-58/2017 "Acoustic barriers for seismic protection: development of concepts, mathematical models and numerical algorithms", Academician Rashidov Tursun Rashidovich