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8 March-International Women's day

The so-called Female Holy Word does not cease to be an abomination. Of course, we will learn about the arrival of spring in our country and its incomparable beauty by looking at the lush cities of our munis women. In the years of independence, our women and girls have been shown unlimited respect and respect and their role in the life of our society has been increasing year by year.

 The date of March 7, 2022 was rich in memorable moments for the wives and daughters of our institute, who are owners of beauty, kindness, love and activity at work and in the family. Speaking at the event “dear and perfect woman” organized by the head of the Institute Director Karim Sultanov, sincerely congratulated all the women of our institute with the holiday and wished them success. After the event, all the women working in our institute were presented with memorable gifts. The festive Thanksgiving continued to be more delightful and joyful around the full table.