Single contact number (+998) 71 2000036; Helpline (+998) 71 2335623

Laboratory "Theory of Mechanisms and Machines"

Main directions of the laboratory: Designing new generations of mechanisms and machines based on modern achievements in mechanics and computer technologies, taking into account the properties and characteristics of the processed local raw materials.

Creation of roller technological machines of new generation (for the primary processing of cotton and leather semi-finished product) using mechatronics with the least material-energy consumption and environmental safety.

Creating software products for the optimal design of machines and their patenting.


Head of laboratory

Nabiev Аyder Mustafaevich
Doctor of philosophy in technical sciences (PhD), Senior Researcher

(71)262 73 55





Full name Scientific degree, scientific title Position Contact E-mail
1 Muxammadiev Davlat Mustafaevich Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Chief Researcher +99871-262-24-27
2 Baxadirov Gayrat Ataxanovich Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Chief Researcher +99871-262-24-27
3 Аbdukarimov Аbdusalam Candidate of Technical Sciences, Senior Researcher Leading Researcher +99871-262-24-27
4 Qodirov To`lqin Jumaevich Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Chief Researcher +99871-262-24-27
5 Tsoy Gerasim Nikolaevich Candidate of Engineering Sciences Senior Researcher +99871-262-24-27
6 Shernayev Аnvar Normamatovich PhD, dosent Leading Researcher +99871-262-24-27
7 Аxmedov Xamidillo Аbduxoshimovich PhD, Senior Researcher Senior Researcher +99871-262-24-27
8 Ibragimov Farxod Xayrulloyevich PhD Senior Researcher +99871-262-24-27
9 Primov Baxrom Xoʼjayorovich PhD Senior Researcher +99871-262-24-27
11 Umarov Abdurasul Abdurahimovich   Junior Researcher +99871-262-24-27
12 Raximova Zarnigor Abdulkayumovna PhD Senior Researcher +99871-262-24-27
13 Rozaxinov Alimjon Sautovich   Junior Researcher +99871-262-24-27
14 Gulmatov Akmal Baxodirovich   Basic doctoral student +99871-262-24-27
15 Аbdullajonov Аsrorbek Аbduraxmon oʼgʼli   Basic doctoral student +99871-262-24-27
16 Аbzoirov Ortiq Xonimqulovich   Basic doctoral student +99871-262-24-27
17 Raximov Furqat Rashid oʼgʼli   Basic doctoral student +99871-262-24-27
18 Аchilov Gʼofurjon Qurbonboy oʼgʼli   Basic doctoral student +99871-262-24-27
19 Аbdusalomov Mirza Saidovich   Basic doctoral student +99871-262-24-27
20 Jumaev Nizomiddin Kenjaboy o`gli   Basic doctoral student +99871-262-24-27
21 Raxmonov Hushnudbek Hurmuxammad o`gli   Basic doctoral student +99871-262-24-27
22 Igamberdiev Baxodir Sobirovich   laboratory assistant +99871-262-24-27