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Laboratory "Dynamics of Soil Structures"

Main directions of the laboratory: Development of the methods to study the dynamic properties of deformable rigid bodies and media, evaluation of their strength and stability, and strain indices under dynamic (seismic) effects.

Development of modern methods for assessing the seismic stability of above-ground and underground structures for various purposes.

Development of the methods to calculate the strength and stability of deformable rigid bodies and media, including earth structures, taking into account the complex strain characteristics.

Development of strength theory of textile yarns as complex deformable bodies taking into account structural features and tensile breakage.


Head of laboratory

Khusanov Bakhtiyar Ergashbayevich
Doctor of Engineering Sciences, senior researcher
(71)262 24 22;      (71)268 13 48;





Full name Scientific degree, scientific title Position Сontact E-mail
1 Sultanov Karim Sultanovich Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor Chief researcher +99871-262-71-52
2 Mirsaidov Mirziyod Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Academician of the AS RUz Chief researcher +99871-262-71-52
3 Mamatov Nazrillo Solijonovich Doctor of Technical Sciences Chief researcher +99871-262-71-52
4 Umarkhonov Sadillakhon Ismatullaevich Candidate of Technical Sciences (PhD) Leading Researcher +99871-262-71-52
5 Loginov Pavel Viktorovich   Senior Researcher +99871-262-71-52
6 Normatov Shovkat Ibragimovich   Junior Researcher +99871-262-71-52
7 Salixova Zulfiya Rustamovna   doctoral student +99871-262-71-52
8 Xazratova Toʼlgʼanoy Yashin qizi   doctoral student +99871-262-71-52
9 Rixsieva Barno Baxtiyarovna   Senior Researcher +99871-262-71-52
10 Аkbarov Nodirbek Аsqaralievich   doctoral student +99871-262-71-52
11 Ismoilov Shaxboz Shavkatovich   Junior Researcher +99871-262-71-52
12 Tsaturova Аnjella Zavenovna   Laboratory assistant +99871-262-71-52
13 Rogacheva Anastasiya Vasilevna   Laboratory assistant +99871-262-71-52