Single contact number (+998) 71 2000036; Helpline (+998) 71 2335623

Laboratory "Dynamics and stability of spatial structures"

Main directions of the laboratory: The development of the theory of plates, shells under the influence of external effects, taking into account the design features and mechanical properties of material.

Development of dynamic models, applied methods to solve the problems and programs for calculating seismic resistance of buildings and hydrotechnical structures. Development of the methods for dynamic calculation of buildings equipped with an active seismic protection system. Preparation of recommendations to ensure seismic safety of buildings and hydrotechnical structures during earthquakes.


Head of laboratory

Usarov Mahamatali Koraboyevich
Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor
(71)262 78 34






Full name Scientific degree, scientific title Position Сontact E-mail
1 Salyamova Klara Djabbarovna Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor Chief Scientific Officer +99871-262-78-34
2 Axmedov Mashrab Abduqodirovich Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Senior Researcher Leading Researcher +99871-262-78-34  
3 Isayev Gulamjan Urinovich   Junior Researcher +99871-262-78-34  
4 Usarov Davronbek Maxamataliyevich   Junior Researcher +99871-262-78-34
5 Usanov Furqat Abdixoliq o‘g‘li   Junior Researcher +99871-262-78-34
6 Kurbanbayev Maxsut Shakirovich   Junior Researcher +99871-262-78-34
7 Shamsiyev Dilshod Komil o‘g‘li   Junior Researcher +99871-262-78-34
8 Askarxodjayev Shuxrat Iltifatxanovich   Junior Researcher +99871-262-78-34
9 Xasanova Yodgora Sobirjanovna   laboratory assistant +99871-262-78-34