Single contact number (+998) 71 2000036; Helpline (+998) 71 2335623

Laboratory "Dynamics of machines and problems of technological processes"

Main directions of the laboratory: Development of the fundamentals of the theory of cotton picking machines, harvesting apparatus and other agricultural machinery, based on the fundamental laws of the mechanics of rigid bodies, of the systems of interconnected bodies, the theory of mechanisms and machines.

Studies of the dynamics and processes of functioning of the working bodies of cotton harvesting machines, the system of cotton transporting into the bunker, determining the optimal operating modes of machines and developing the fundamental basis - the performance of technological machines, including cotton harvesting ones.

Development of recommendations on energy and resource-saving parameters of machines for the design of their rational structures.


Head of laboratory

Rizaev Anvar Abdullayevich
Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor

(71) 262 71 32; (71) 214 43 22;




Full name Scientific degree, scientific title Position Сontact E-mail
1 Xujayev Muxiddin Kushayevich Doctor of Technical Sciences. Chief Researcher +99871-262-24-23
2 Kuldoshev Davronbek Abdullajonovich PhD., Senior researcher Senior Researcher +99871-262-24-23
3 Norkuziev Okmirza Safarovich Candidate of Technical Sciences Senior Researcher +99871-262-24-23
4 Djuraeva Nargiza Batirjanovna PhD Senior Researcher +99871-262-24-23
5 Mirzaeva Musallam Marikovna   Junior Researcher +99871-262-24-23
6 Urinov Aziz Pardayevich   Basic doctoral student +99871-262-24-23
7 Alimova Dilafruz Bahtiyarovna   Junior Researcher +99871-262-24-23
8 Kupaysinova Khurshidakhon Arabboy kizi   Junior Researcher +99871-262-24-23
9 Normatov Mansur Kuziboyevich   Junior Researcher +99871-262-24-23
10 Xunarov Abdulhamid Abduvahab ugli   Junior Researcher +99871-262-24-23
11 Ganjayev SHokhruh Azamat ugli   Junior Researcher +99871-262-24-23
12 Mirzaeva Madina Ulugbek kizi   Laboratory assistant +99871-262-24-23