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Among the organizations of the United Trade Union of the Academy of Sciences, sports competitions "Academy 2022" were held.

On June 4-5 this year, mini football and badminton competitions were held in the hidden sports complex of the Financial Institute, and on June 11, the Academiada-2022 sports competitions among member organizations of the Academy of Sciences, combined cross-country, table tennis and chess, were held in the botanical garden. The team of the Institute of Mechanics and Seismic Stability of Structures took part in these sports competitions in full force in all sports.




Our employee Azamat Akhmedov, who took part in the chess tournament, took part in the tournament with dignity and became the absolute champion of the tournament, defeating all his opponents. A. Ahmedov beat the strong chess players of the Institute of Mathematics, the Institute of Nuclear Physics and the Institute of Polymer Chemistry, who took high places in previous competitions, and took away important points from them. He easily beat the rest of the chess players and became the champion before the start of the tournament period on points. Our 77-year-old employee Gerasim Nikolayevich Tsoi, who took part in the Academcross competition at the age of over 55, was recognized as the oldest athlete in the competition and was awarded a special diploma.
The results of our employees involved in other sports did not reach prizes. For the past two years, due to the pandemic, competitions have not been held. The staff of our institute has replenished with new employees. It would be no exaggeration to say that this tournament was a test for them. We hope that our employees will take the next competitions seriously.
Once again, congratulations to our winning athlete!