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The basis of the symbol of the "Uzbekistan - 2030" strategy is the image of the Independence Monument in the "New Uzbekistan" park of as a symbol of "New Uzbekistan" and the "Third Renaissance". If the Independence Monument reflected in the symbol is interpreted as an expression of the mutual harmony of our country's history, present day and future, its elevation embodies the unity and solidarity of our people, Uzbekistan's solidarity with the countries of the world, and peace-loving policy.

Also, in the dynamics of upward lines, there are five priorities of the "Uzbekistan-2030" strategy and the noble idea of full and successful implementation of the 100 goals set in it.

In the upper part of the logo there is a Humo bird, which is a symbol of happiness, freedom and peace. It is embodied as a symbol of an ancient state, that has more than three thousand years of statehood experience, and at the same time, young and blooming, that relies on its hard-working and noble people, with bubbling feelings of love of freedom in their blood, who have great dreams and goals.

The pillars connected to Humo bird are depicted as the expression of human rights and freedoms, national and universal values, education and upbringing, state and society balance. Also, this element means compliance and harmony between the exercise of power by the state and the interests, freedoms, and demands of society.

In the symbol of the strategy, a triangular shape element was used as a metaphoric symbol of the principle of "New Uzbekistan - a social state" defined as a rule in the newly revised Constitution of Uzbekistan. It is the cornerstone of fact that protection of all layers of the population, creation of equal opportunities for them, especially all-round support for families, children, women, the elderly, persons with disabilities, protection from unemployment, guaranteed quality education, qualified medical care are always the priority for the state during the period of active reforms.

The society reflected in the interior of the Independence Monument is the image of one nation of Uzbekistan. It embodies our peaceful, hardworking, tolerant and wise people who have high human qualities and are united for a great goal. Also, this image reflects the fact that all the reforms implemented in the country are focused on the value of a person, his comfortable life, and it means that the priceless wealth of the state is the people.

This element shows our nation's commitment to the ideals of equality, social justice and solidarity. At the same time, it means that a close-knit family, as the basic unit of society, is always under the protection of society and the state.