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Scientific report of Professor S.V. Kuznetsov, Chief Researcher of the Institute of Problems of Mechanics of the Russian Academy of Sciences named after A.Y. Ishlinskiy

On April 28, 2023, a scientific seminar with the participation of a leading scientist in the field of seismic stability was held at the Institute of Mechanics and Seismic Stability of Structures named after M.T. Urazbayev. At the seminar, Sergey Vladimirovich Kuznetsov, the chief researcher of the Institute of Problems of Mechanics of the Russian Academy of Sciences named after A.Y. Ishlinskiy, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor, spoke with his many years of experience, based on his many years of scientific observations and results, on the topic “The devastating earthquake of February 6, 2023 in Turkey and Syria. Causes, mathematical models and seismic protection systems”.


During the report of Professor S.V. Kuznetsov, the conclusions obtained on the basis of the analysis of the consequences of the earthquake in Turkey, the results of the study of the causes of the destruction of damaged buildings were presented. The report touched upon the results of the installation of seismic barriers to prevent damage during destructive earthquakes, research work carried out to reduce the strength of surface waves, recommendations for the use of metamaterials suppressing seismic waves.


After the presentation, the seminar participants received answers to their questions. In addition, S.V. Kuznetsov reached an agreement on joint research work to ensure the seismic safety of buildings and structures.


This study is relevant for the Republic of Uzbekistan, and measures of seismic protection of buildings and structures contribute to reducing damage from possible earthquakes in the future.