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Press conference on the assessment of the seismic situation in Uzbekistan

The press conference was held at the Agency for Information and Mass Communications with the participation of representatives of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the Ministry of Construction and Housing and Communal Services, the Institute of Seismology of the Academy of Sciences, the Institute of Mechanics and Seismic Stability of Structures and other responsible organizations. It provided information on issues related to the prevention of emergency situations, such as earthquakes, mudflows, floods, assessment of the seismic situation.


The Republican Center for Seismic Prognostic Monitoring has registered more than 250 earthquakes of magnitude M= 2.8-6.8 since January 1, 2023 to date. According to its geological position, Uzbekistan is located in the Mediterranean-Asian seismic zone. From 1900 to the present day, more than 60 strong and destructive (magnitude more than 5) earthquakes have occurred. Over the past 10 years, earthquakes of magnitude 6-8 have occurred in the republic six times, as a result of which 16 people were killed, 54 people were injured, and economic damage amounted to 84 billion sums.